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  • With the summer just around the corner and porch, patio, deck, and BBQ season in full swing, I thought I would talk about pairing beer with food. After all, given this beautiful weather, why wouldn’t you be having people over to your house at some point. Why not do a little beer and food pairing. With the multitude of beers style out there it can always be the perfect compliment to the food of choice.

    When I think of pairing beer and food I see that there are three different ways to go at it, no matter what the food is. Here are a few things to remember:

  • If you know me, you know I don’t like to hold my tongue about the things that bug me. I think this month we should do a little complaining. That’s right complaining. I want to talk about my beer pet peeves. We all have some whether we want to admit it or not. Well, I’ll admit it.

  •     Beer is for everyone, celiacs excluded. (Sorry celiac kids) The trick is to find the right beer for you. Some people out there, me included like almost all styles of beer. That doesn’t mean I like all beer, but all styles. Beers are interpretations of the style brewers from all over the world are trying to represent.