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Snow has finally painted the Wasatch range and now my car is full of sweaty ski boots, mismatched gloves, and skins that I never remember to hang up. On my commute to these massive & playful beauties, “Riders on the Storm” plays through the blown out speakers of my glued together jeep. The windshield is cracked, the heater is more of a light breath, and my transmission is about 100 miles from complete failure. Still I brave the unplowed roads in order to pursue my passion and reach the white sanctuary. 

Once at the bottom of the mountain, I begin to unload all the gear that never leaves my car. I have old skis with core shots the size of Texas, Adjustable poles that don’t adjust, and goggles that welcome the fog with open arms. Though my gear isn’t up to par, I trek forward through the backcountry with a smile that displays all of my almost white teeth. 

The skin track is steep, the avalanche danger is a little more in the orange zone than I thought, and the wind has me more bundled up more than a kindergartner going to school. However, I continue my journey towards the peak with high hopes. 

Once I finally reach the summit, the clouds break open. The sun turns the new snow into millions of diamonds. The wind calms and I am left there in the silence. 

These moments in skiing make me relate it to everyday life, especially now with 2022 upon us. It made me realize that it doesn’t matter how you got there. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have. It doesn’t matter how harsh things may get. All that matters is that you pushed through and you adventured into the unknown.

So get out there! Reach for the highest of mountains and enjoy your moment on top of the peak when you realized that you have finally made it. 2022 is my year, your year, and our year.


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