Beer in the Wild

20 February 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

What does the wild have to do with beer?? Well, here at RoHa we have a love for the outdoors. Making beer is in part like exploring the wilderness- always bringing new experiences, new scenery, and new frontiers.

We’ve recently paired up with three different local non-profits: Save Our Canyons, Wildland’s Network, and SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance) for Pints for Purpose events, these organizations focus on preserving our environment and keeping our wildland the way it should be – WILD!

Though they don’t all focus on the same initiatives, the core of their objectives all focus on the importance of preserving our environment.

Here’s a summary of those initiatives:

Save Our Canyons
"Since 1972, Save Our Canyons has been dedicated to protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains. To date, we have successfully established 10's of thousands of acres of Wilderness Areas in the Wasatch Range and created and defended local policy to protect the streams, wetlands and wildlife habitat that supports 1,800 species of plants and animals. We are an organization driven by our membership and supported by volunteers who value the Wasatch for recreation, solitude and intrinsic beauty. Visit today to take action that will address traffic and congestion in our canyons, build support for conservation of the ecosystem and keep the Wasatch wild." 


Wildland’s Network
“Nature is intimately connected. When one component is changed, or lost, it can have enduring consequences for the entire system. This interdependence is part of what makes our natural world so remarkable, but also emphasizes the importance of ecosystems remaining intact and unaltered. It was this understanding that, in 1991, led to the founding of Wildlands Network, the first organization devoted to continental-scale conservation of core habitat and migration corridors for wildlife. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, we also have staff based across North America—from the borderlands between the U.S. and Mexico, to the mountains of North Carolina—all working to ensure wildlife have the space they need to migrate, and to find food, water and mates. A big component of our efforts is road ecology research, which involves using camera traps to better understand which types of wildlife cross roads, and where. We then use the data to advance policies at the regional, state and federal levels that protect wildlife crossings—including a resolution introduced in the Utah State legislature last week. While our on-the-ground projects have evolved over the past few years, our mission remains the same: reconnecting, restoring and rewilding North America, so life—in all its diversity—can thrive.”


Sothern Utah Wilderness Alliance
"The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) is made up of people like you — concerned citizens from Utah and throughout the nation who share the common goal of preserving Utah’s remaining desert wild lands, known collectively as America’s redrock wilderness. Since 1983, SUWA has been the only independent organization working full-time to defend America’s redrock wilderness from oil and gas development, unnecessary road construction, rampant off-road vehicle use, and other threats to Utah’s wilderness-quality lands.
SUWA is currently focused on several issues of great significance to redrock country. We continue to push for passage of America's Red Rock Wilderness Act, which would offer permanent protection for over 8 million acres of wild places in Utah's southern and western deserts. And we're fighting every day in the courts for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments so that they can be restored to their original boundaries and and to fully protect the cultural, scientific, historic and scenic values for which they were created in the first place. With the Trump administration's goal to eviscerate existing protections while simultaneously making it easier to develop unprotected lands, our work is more important now than ever before.”


As you can see we’re proud to partner with these non-profits. Their focus on preserving the environment is something we all get behind and we’re honored to host them in our taproom and help generate donations for their efforts. Through events like our Pints for Purpose nights you can help at the individual level- just by drinking beer with friends and discussing our surroundings. Cheers.