To-Go Beer Only

16 March 2020 Published in The Latest

Just like you, we are watching and trying to react quickly to new and changing information as it related to COVID-19.  We also want to be a responsible part of our community, and respectful to the social distancing efforts.

As a small business, it has been a tough decision, but we will be temporarily closing our Taproom for onsite pints only - and will remain open for To-Go sales.  We will be closed effective this week, and look to re-open next Monday 3/23. 

We employee great people, and are asking them to stay home if they do not feel well, and asking them to work extra hard to keep things clean and sanitized. Please be considerate if you pick-up beer to go, and remember that a portion of their income is generated from your tips.

We respect that you want to drink great cold beer, while distancing yourself from close interactions with others.  To support this notion here is our plan:

  • We will sell you to-go beer only.
  • If you want to stay in your car, call us (385.227.8982) and place your order, we can take your credit card over the phone too.  We will gladly bring your beer to you in your car.
  • We will only fill, new, never used, growlers - which means we have to charge you for it too.  However, we will reimburse you for the growler glass, if you bring it back to us within 30 days after this closure is lifted.

We appreciate you as a part of our community - please be well and support local businesses as we work through this!