COVID-19 and the Effects on RoHa, and other Small Businesses

16 March 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

It seems everything got turned upside down in just a few short days.  While there may not be a need to panic, there is certainly a need to use some additional precautions and prepare.  It seems COVID-19 is a real thing, that is affecting us all.


 I don’t think I realized the potential affects this would have on our lives until late last week.  Beerfests were cancelled, and substantial gatherings were cancelled, the NBA postponed the season, even the NCAA Tournament (as staple in our lives) has been postponed/cancelled.  

So maybe there is reason to stop, check out your own situation, and make some prudent choices.

There are obvious things - wash hands, don’t touch your face, and all the things that we are supposed to be doing day in and day out, are now that much more important.

But what about your other habits - how often do you normally come down and have a beer with us at the taproom?  How often do you grocery shop - and buy a six pack? Will any of these habits change in the next few weeks until we see how this is all going to go down?

This made it real for us at RoHa.  Our concern for the health of our friends near and far is of course important, but the trickle down to our day-to-day, is where it struck the loudest.

So, we rolled up our sleeves, and in an effort to keep some people coming through our space (to-go beer this week), we are giving it a deep cleaning, we have hand sanitizer available, we will wipe everything down with bleach several times throughout the day, and keep that Point of Sale wiped clean too.

We also put a policy in place that if any employee at any time feels any symptoms they are not to come to work, we will make sure they are covered, and we keep everyone healthy.

We want you to know that your patronage is important to us, so important that we are willing to go the extra mile so you know it is a safe place to join us for a pint still.  If you would like to buy some to-go beer, but prefer curbside service, we will take care of you. Call ahead, or give us a HONK and we will be there to help you out.

We would suggest you keep yourself healthy, eat well, exercise, and take care of your friends and neighbors.  We hope that you keep small businesses in mind as you make purchasing choices in the coming weeks. Buy local, and keep it in the community.