Living, er, surviving in the virtual world

09 April 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well, a lot has changed in just a few short weeks.  Everyone, everywhere is writing about it, or filming a short vid about it, or better, scheduling a Zoom meeting to discuss!

So what's going on?  Well, we have a Stay Home, Stay Safe directive from our Governor, we have an order to do so in Salt Lake City, and County. 

We can still sell you beer, but we had to get our friends at the DABC to allow us to do it more safely by allowing curbside pickup.  The crew at the brewery has face masks and rubber gloves on. 

We can’t see our friends, and only see our neighbors when they are out to walk the dog - wait they have a dog?!?! 

We are living the world virtually.  I talk to my siblings pretty rarely, maybe once a month on the phone, or on their birthday.  But for some reason this last week, we were inclined to schedule our own Zoom meeting and have a virtual cocktail party - a term never used before this past month!

Since then we have had drinks with several other couples and families across the country - friends we have not seen in years, nor have we called very often, much less video conference after the kids go to bed.

This Pandemic is a serious deal, and we are not making light of it.  We are taking all safety precautions at the brewery, minimizing employees, and those that are allowed to come to work are wearing cloth masks to minimize any cross contamination, beer is handled with rubber gloves and there is no cross contamination between employees and customers. 

We as humans are bad at following rules, but good at adapting to new environments.  While people are still resisting the stay home orders, we are quick to find ways to adapt, still be social, and still see our friends and family.  The strong dependence on social interaction has been interesting to recognize. Who knew that we would become so lonely in such a short time that we would go out of our way to video conference with our friends, and hang out virtually.

Don’t be ashamed, it is good to depend on those around you, near and far for social stimulus.  So call them, I mean - video call them. Have a beer, have a laugh and share in those things that bring us joy.