2020 thus far…. and we are only half way there

18 June 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well, here we are 6-months into the year 2020.  A lot has happened, a lot has changed, and we can look back now to reflect a bit - but it's always more fun to look ahead to the future, and talk about craft beer.  Where will we be next year at this time?  

Since this is our blog, and we get to choose what we write - of course we are going to be RoHa-Centric, and we will be commenting on local events as well as global events of the year.  

At RoHa, we kicked off the year - literally, with a little equipment failure on the roof.  I spent January 2 in the snow on the roof working through a mechanical part swap.  As we would later learn, this would only be the beginning of an epic year.  

Brewers are resourceful, so although we had some equipment troubles, we found a way to save the beer, keep it stable and not waste what we had created.  

Sailing into February we heard about this global pandemic, and thought - what does that mean?  March would teach us what that means when the entire restaurant and bar business was shut down.  Again, sitting and watching our brewery, bar, and restaurant friends pull up their boots and adapt to the situation we were handed.  

A quick earthquake, and weeks of aftershocks showed us that if the pandemic wasn’t enough - mother nature had a few more tricks up her sleeve.  Our building shook, our tanks walked a little, but nothing was destroyed thankfully.  Aftershocks have kept us on our toes.

To-go only beer became a thang - curbside pick-up was accepted.  We saw overwhelming support from our regulars, and our not so regulars.  Everyone came out in flocks to help support us, and the other breweries who had just had the rug pulled out from underneath us.

April delivered more of the same, masks, gloves, a new beer launched, and our 3rd anniversary.  Did you miss our big party?  So did we.  Instead we videotaped a socially distanced look-a-like party.  We had a toast with our newly released Transom Dark Pale Ale, and got back to work.   

One short blink, and May was over - We launched another new beer - High on the Hop Lazy IPA, soon to become a staple in all hop lovers fridges and we were left with some slow to open, hesitant bars and restaurants who worked (and are working) their asses off to provide top notch, safe service.  

This is a weird time, we want businesses to succeed, but we want everyone to remain safe - and it is tricky navigating both.  We are impressed every day with the creativity of our industry partners who find a seam where they can operate in a safe manner, and find success.

Then onto June, things are heating up, road trips are the thing to do - can’t fly anywhere, we have been pent up in our homes for a few months - now it's time to explore all the things that Utah has to offer.  Personally, I have been to some places that have blown my mind, and I know that Josh and Chris have too.  The hot weather took down another piece of mechanical equipment early in the month, adding to the stress of packaging.  But we are getting through that.

Pride month is happening, without any festival or parade this year.  We put out some new merch to show our support. 

We saw people vocalize their emotions with protests - and a massive social movement for change is sweeping the country.  

Now that those 6-months have happened, a new normal is born.  As we look to the future, we see uncertainty - as we venture out, we accept the way things operate now.  We are looking forward to a successful remainder of 2020, in all its weirdness.  We plan to launch a new beer, or a couple, expand our footprint, and make sure that RoHa fans can always get what they are looking for.  

Thank you for the continued support - just getting this far in our blog makes you a super-fan.  As you make your way in the new-normal, respect those who are working hard to serve you as best they can, listen to those who think differently than you, support local businesses that are putting people to work in our community, and putting money back in to grow - and most of all, take a minute so smile, and sip a beer!