For the Love of Music

16 July 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well we can all admit that these are crazy times.This pandemic has brought a lot of changes to our community, to our households, and to our lives.  I hope you are all getting through this with a positive attitude.

Some of the biggest changes for me is not getting to see live music.  I have always been a lover of live music. Going to live shows and concerts and festivals has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember.  It started in high school and just grew from there.  

I went to see everything I could.  The new bands, the old ones, music in my wheelhouse and out of it.  It became a part of me.  I toured around  with Dead for a while with all those other music lovers.  That is probably where I found my first music community.  Love is the only word I can say for what I feel at a live show.

In the early 2000s though I was not going to as many shows.  There was Red Butte Gardens which I loved but there weren't enough good venues around to see music.  The Zephyr was closed and the other venues had not picked up the slack.  I was in a musical rut, a lull.  

Then my 2 friends Chris Mautz and Darin Picolli told me they were opening a venue, The State Room.  

Holy shit here we go!

From helping them open, painting and cleaning, to the opening night I had my energy back.  From the very first show, which was an amazing Stanley Clarke performance, I was enthralled. The sound was great, the room was alive and the staff was inviting.  I cannot express how it changed my life; reinvigorating my love for live music.  I think I saw 30 of the first 40 shows.  

I was asked and jumped at the chance to make a special State Room Ale, exclusive for them.  We collaborated with them to make a beer perfect for the venue and live music, gig beer. First at my last brewery Desert Edge and now we make it here at RoHa.  The venue has become a popular place within SLC and outside -  as the place to go. They have cemented their stamp on the SLC music scene.  From there it has grown.  

They opened another venue, The Commonwealth Room, a few years back.

Well this is where it gets me a little choked up.  We can see live music right now.  Just can’t have the crowds together.  I miss the State Room, like you miss a friend you haven't seen in a while.  It’s not gone, just waiting to have us all down there again.  We just released our State Room Ale in cans to the public with help from Chris and Darin.  

I hope we all think about what's important to us as this crazy time continues,  The State Room is important to me.  The venue, the owners, the music, the staff.  A truly magical place.  Come get some beer from RoHa (Mon-Sat 12-7pm) and help support the boys while they are being socially responsible.  Enjoy the beer and think of all the good times you’ve had there and will have again in the future.  

The beer tastes like a live show.  I leave you with this ditty.  Cheers, peace, love and music.. 

Chris Haas

So reality is the live show

Not the tape

The energy is not magnetic

Its rhythmic

Ear to ear

Shared sweat

So maybe reality is

That we were all grinning too much to notice

It was fun and loud

And we would do it again now

If reality were not the way it is

But it is