The Heat is ON!

19 August 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

The Heat is on - it is sweltering outside, try being in our brewery where the temps start in the mid to high 80’s, and top out above 115!  The crew has been working hard brewing, transferring and packaging this sweet nectar we call beer - but with all this heat, I realized, beer is more than just a fun beverage, its become a coping mechanism for me in the heat!

So, what do we do to get out of the heat?  How do we handle the high temps, and low humidity?

For me, hot summer days like these make me start to think about the winter to come, am I really ready for those cold days and nights?  Maybe not yet, so I will just cope with the heat for now.  To start, I crack open a cold Three Deep American Ale, this beer for me is a thirst-quencher.  It goes down smooth, refreshes the body - you can feel them cold bubbles hit your throat and bring some relief.

If you are lucky enough to have a cold beer, you are lucky enough - but I like to push it.  The only true relief for me on a hot day is a dip in a body of water.  Full submersion into 70 degree water is true relief.  The head stops pounding, the veins cool down, the sweat is washed away.

Aaah, cooled off now, so it's time for another beer.  My next go-to lately has been our newest release High on the Hop Lazy IPA.  If you have not tried this beer, snag one.  It has that huge hop aroma I love, but it drinks lighter and is absolutely crushable in the summer.  

Lake time is a great time, getting out on/near the water to cool off is the only way to go.  We are lake people, we are river people, and we are beer people.  

So when you need to cool off, start with a cold beer, finish with a cold swim!