Hiring through the Pandemic

18 November 2020 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well, we all know its been a bumpy year - it seems its all we can talk about.  Maybe that is a good thing - making sure everyone is constantly conscious of our surroundings and safety.  I know we are always talking safety with our employees - who are one of the keys to our success.

We have a lot of great employees, some old some new.  But, who knew that hiring during COVID-19 would prove to be so challenging!

There are always the normal challenges that we face, getting great applicants to see our job postings, then screening for the right fit, and finally some interviews to ensure that we got the right person!  

Unemployment numbers have spiked as fast as the coronavirus numbers this summer and fall.  So many employees that have been laid off or furloughed - it is tough to see.  We are pretty lucky, we make, sell, and drink Great beer, so attracting good people is pretty straight forward.

Our initial screening process remained the same, look for required attributes for each applicant and screen out those who do not meet the minimums.  From there we make a phone call - amazing how many people do not answer their phones.  I get it, my truck warranty has expired - and NO I DON’T WANT TO RENEW IT!!!!!!  - but I get two calls a week asking!

When we get someone on the phone we ask a bit more about their experience, and really their interest in craft beer - afterall, we will be asking them to make, serve, sell, and drink Great craft beer.

So, down to a handful of applicants that meet the need, and can work the times needed, and so on.  Now an in-person interview, right?!?!  Whoa Whoa Whoa, not so fast, we are in the digital age, where I can video conference from my phone while driving, and eating a snack (well maybe not).  We sure prefer an in person interview, so we check for comfort level, and invite a candidate in to meet with us.

In an effort to keep everyone safe a mask is required, and in several cases - we just did the interview outside at a picnic table.  Not always the warmest spot - but certainly safer than sitting inside right now.  Through the mask we try to gauge their facial expressions, and interest in becoming part of the RoHa team, the RoHa family.

We had good luck this summer as we changed and adapted to the environment - we added some really good people - who we are excited to have here.  

So if you are out looking for a job, remember, safety first, smile with your eyes (cause you have a mask on), speak up, get excited, and have fun.  

If you have not been in for a while - I’d encourage you to check out our taproom again, we have spread out, closed sections, and tried to make everyone feel as safe as they can.  Masks are required upon entry, and when not actively consuming a beer.  If you're not ready - I get it, we still offer curbside beer to go - cold - fresh - and perfect for drinking at home!  One way or another - we will see you soon, and you can meet our new faces (covered).