What I Have in My Fridge Right Now

18 February 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well we have all been stuck at home a lot more than usual this past year. I usually get out and drink a bunch of beer from the local breweries, but this past year it has become a little harder.  I still am drinking the local beers, just from my fridge at the house. It is not as great as sharing some suds with others but the beer still tastes damn good and goes down a bit faster. All of that is a prelude to "what I have in my fridge right now".  I have been stocking the fridge as much as possible with my favorite local beers. Can't drink just RoHa, right?  This is just a snapshot of what I am enjoying these days. 

These are in no particular order, but I am sure the descriptions will get shakier as I drink through them as I write.

Ogden River - ESB, I finally made it up to O town to try the new brewery. Nice beer selection and beautiful pub. I get a few beers in crowlers to-go. I was really liking the ESB. For one it is a solid beer, and two I haven't had an ESB let alone a good ESB in quite a while. Wish I lived a little closer. 

Desert Edge Brewery - Pub Pils. Damn I have been waiting a while to get some beers from them to-go in cans. Yeah I have had a ton of growlers from them, but cans are much easier to share after skiing especially in these times. Damn good beer. I'll be picking up more every time I get to-go food. 

TF Brewing - Granary Keller Bier. Damn I like a good Keller beer. Takes me back to drinking beer in Germany. Wish I had fresh pretzels and Schweinshaxe at my house to go along with it. 

Bohemian Brewery - Altbier.  Alt beer is probably my favorite style of beer. Unfortunately for me there aren't that many breweries doing an Altbier. And even less that do a solid great version of one.

Blackfoot Brewery - Single Malt IPA. Just a solid old school style IPA with a single malt. Scary easy to drink.

Roosters - Untamed. A really nice juicy IPA. Great at the end of a powder day, or to wash down an ESB, Pils, Keller, Single Malt Pale and Altbier. 

These aren't the only beers I enjoy from around, just  what I have and am enjoying right now.  Hope you have a stocked fridge as well. Hope it is stocked with RoHa but if you have something else you think I'll like, then break-in to my house and stock my frig.