Memories of St. Patty

18 March 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

Happy St. Patty’s Day to ya all. This year we had a great firkin here at RoHa for St. Patty’s Day since it fell on a Wednesday, firkin Wednesday. Drinking in a bar with actual people brought back some great St Patty’s Day memories.

Probably one of the best, that I can actually remember, is one year in Chicago. Now they say the top 3 places to celebrate St Patty’s day are Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, and Butte, MT.  But I guess that is another story.

Well me and my lovely wife flew out to Chicago one year for the big St Patty’s Day celebration.  That town gets nuts. Our plan was to watch the river get turned green from high above in our hotel room and then head over to see some of the parade. Drinking coffee and cocktails from the hotel was great.  Everyone on the riverfront was cheering as the boat came roaring by dumping dye into the river. 

Then we started off to the parade. Well we sure didn’t think ahead. The streets were packed and a total madhouse. We couldn’t get anywhere near the parade, just too many people. We had to use the facilities after drinking all morning so we stopped into an Irish bar. I asked about a table and got laughed at. The place was wall to wall people. The hostess told me it was first come first serve and the chances were not good.  As she said it right behind her someone got up and we sat down. She laughed and said luck of the Irsh, no one ever leaves here on this day. We had 3 or 4 rounds there and talked with the piper band and had a great time. 

Then for some reason we decided to head to another Irish bar.  Not sure why, something about meeting an Irish firefighter acquaintance there for the parade. The line was around the corner outside the next bar.  I walked to the front to ask the bouncer how long he thought it would be to get in.  He said “no way to tell”.  Well I was still feeling lucky so I told him to guess just so I know.  He measured me up a little and said “who’s with you?” I told him I was in line with those two lovely ladies, my wife and her best friend.  He then pulled me aside and told me about a back bar, not officially connected to the main bar. I told him we were interested and went and got the ladies out of line.  He quietly escorted us around through the back alley and into an upstairs bar.  I thanked him and slipped him a few Jacksons and we were in. The bar was once again great. And actually connected to the main bar through a hallway which is how we connected with the Irish firefighters. About 3 rounds later things started to get a little fuzzy but needless to say it was of the best St Patty’s I have ever had. Luck of the Irish to you on the 17th and every day. Slainte, Haas