4 Years, Cheers to Beers

20 May 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well, most statistics are made up, but roughly 60% of businesses fail within the first 3 years.  And here we are staring down the barrel of our four year anniversary.  Does that mean we are better than some, or just damn lucky - you decide.  I’ll stick with luck!

COVID took away our three year anniversary party, we had a cake, and “blew” out some candles, but we didn’t get to celebrate with the people that matter most in our business - YOU!

While our actual anniversary was back on April 21, we pushed our party to this Saturday, May 22 - in hopes more people could safely attend, and we could really throw down a great party.  

Alright, thats enough shameless plug for our party on Saturday - oh did I mention there is a party this Saturday?  Our place at 1 pm, be there.

When the pandemic hit it obviously changed the face of a lot of businesses, some found ways to pivot and change the model in a way that they floated through just fine, some businesses skyrocketed, and we, here at RoHa, well we were lucky.  We were diversified in our products enough that the impact was not severe, it was tough and we had to pivot, but here we are.

As we realized that the Pandemic was going to take some significant time to overcome, we started looking at our options.  Many of you enjoyed our temporary patio in the parking lot last fall, and several of you enjoyed it this winter as well.  

We had the opportunity to expand as well, and we were able to push into the office space next to our taproom.  Not only did we believe this would give us some extra space to distance people out a little more, it would forever change how the place looks and feels.  This was a huge undertaking, but one that we knew would benefit our business long term, while creating a more welcoming environment for our fan-base!

We love that the mural by Josh Scheureman takes you away to a different place.  As you sip a beer here, you look into the desert scene, and maybe you see somewhere that you made a memory once, or someplace you want to go sometime, or maybe you see one of those six RoHa logos!

We held onto that chunk of wall from our old space, that was painted by our friend Kasie Prestwich - it was so cool when it went up for our photo-shoot, that we had to cut it out and make it a piece of hanging wall art.  You can see it perfectly when you sit in the new lounge space, with the collage of photos behind.

We wanted to keep it local by featuring local artists on one wall, and we've started with a nice piece from Josh Scheureman again, he was a huge help and a huge part of making our space what it is - so we wanted to showcase some of the other work that he has done.  We will rotate in other local artists, on a regular basis.

So year four brought change, I’d say some of the biggest changes we have experienced.  We experienced emotional challenges both personally, and as a business.  We were faced with tough business decisions and we feel lucky to have a good part of that behind us.  We are thrilled for the new space, we are thrilled to be throwing a party - well two parties (Year 3 and Year 4) all in the same day.  We love beer, we love sharing our hard work with you, our fan base, and we are grateful for the reciprocation of love and support - it is what keeps us going.

See you saturday….did I mention there is a party?