Too hot to drink, or is it

14 July 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

Its too damn hot to drink.  I can’t stuff a beer in this belly, I will explode from the heat.  Yeah, that’s how I feel right now.  Sweltering heat, no escape, not even in the mountains it seems.  Everyone and their dog (literally) is in the mountains trying to escape the brutal heat we have had.

But, we have to do something, this summer is shaping up to be a really fun summer, and since Beer is the most fun drink ever invented - we have to keep our focus, continue to sweat, and continue to get into some really refreshing and crisp beers.

I know every year we talk about what beers we should be drinking in the heat of the summer, what beer is going to provide the best “shade” after a hard mountain bike ride.

In summers gone by, I have turned to our trusty Three Deep American Ale, a light, crisp, blonde ale to provide this cold refreshment in the hot summer heat.  But out draft line up has brought out a few other gems, that I am not ashamed to say I am enjoying….

We just put on a beer we are calling SubLime, a Lime infused Three Deep - get out!  Get right out! No, I won’t. It is so damn refreshing, you will slurp a pint before you realize how good it is.  We are constantly tasking our brewers to come up with new beer ideas, and so far, they have not let us down.  

On draft only (or a crowler to-go), we have Mango Sour - a tart Mango beer.  We have the classic Major Wit, named after Major Street where we brew, this has a light fruity flavor.  Don’t forget that we are running our Grapefruit Pale Ale all summer long too, that is a classic, has a nice punch of grapefruit backed by our well balanced Pale Ale.

Our Fuzzy Pucker Peach Sour is a new one this summer too, I am amazed at the breadth and variety of great Sour beers on the market right now, and how well they are selling.  People seem to get a refreshing zing out of the tart kettle soured backing on this beer.  Finished with a light peach character, it is a crowd pleaser for sure.

Concerts are a thing again this summer, getting outside, seeing some live music.  Almost as enjoyable as the live music is the smiles I see when I am out and about at these concerts.  People are smiling and letting their soul-shine out as they dance the night/day/afternoon away.  This kind of joy, should always be paired with the most fun beverage ever, beer.  We are hosting live music on Thursday nights, and have an awesome line up.  Get locked in on those.

OK, I saved this for the end, so that if you did not make it this far, you would miss out on the biggest, best, and most refreshing beverage discovery.  Let me make something perfectly clear before we get into this next topic, I am a beer drinker, I drink beer, when I am not drinking beer, I am drinking water, but otherwise its beer.  Got it?

So, the fastest growing sector in the beverage world, is Hard Seltzer.  And, yes, we crafted one.  Our Gemini Hard Seltzer, is booming right now.  We worked hard to craft a seltzer that was refreshing, has a pop of flavor yet not over powering, static electricity carbonation, with no lingering after-taste.  

In the process of this, we tasted damn near every seltzer on the market, big brands, new brands, fancy brands, electrolyte brands, and everything in-between.  We honed in on what we wanted, and now, we have this Seltzer, that I actually enjoy drinking.  

But you didn’t hear that from me, remember, I am a beer drinker.  I drink beer.

So, if you need a change of pace, a little mouth-rinse between beers, reach for a craft hard seltzer.  I won’t tell.