Can we all just slow down, and have a beer….

16 September 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

“Hey, how have you been…”  

“Aaah, so busy, gosh, just racing around, can you believe it's fall already…”

“Yah, I hear ya, so whats new?”

“Well, I don’t know, nothing, really, just taking kids here and there, trying to bike, work has been crazy, I just wish there was more time in the day…”

Oh, hey there - it looks like you have been living the same life as me these days.  What's the rush, why are we all racing around, can’t we all just slow down and have a beer?

It seems when I see other parents, or friends around, we have the same conversations (see re-cap above).  But, why is that the only conversation we have, why can’t we slow down enough to wrap our heads around what is going on and give a real answer to the question: “so whats new?”

Look, I am no psychologist, but I do provide the above answer on the regular - when I am standing on a sideline, or hopping on my bike at a trailhead, or just shooting hoops at the neighborhood basketball hoop.

I probably haven’t slowed down in so long that I wouldn’t even know how to give a real answer.  I mean, the effort it would take to assess the last time you saw this acquaintance, and figure out how much they already know about you, such that you can provide a real answer - is just not worth it.  Right?!?

Well, maybe it should be - OK, if you agree to it, I will too.  People and relationships bring us the most joy in life.  That old saying, money can’t buy happiness (at least I could rent it?)....

So, I think I will take some of my own advice, I will provide a real answer to people when they ask, “what’s new” or “How are you” (that could be a scary response at times).

When I look back on the summer, I do have some really awesome memories.  None of them come from vague answers and slippery responses to the acquaintances that I have.  All of them were made when we intentionally spent the time to sit down, have a beer, have a conversation, and generate real curiosity for the peoples lives around us.  

So, going into fall, while we can get outside, enjoy an evening together, sip a beer and converse with one another - let’s focus.  Let’s focus our energy on making memories, building relationships, and finding joy in those around us.  



(Cracking a beer right now, where are you?!?!?!?)