Bumpy Pucker Raspberry Sour

22 September 2021 Published in The Latest

Fasten your seat belts because this Raspberry Sour is about to take off! We released our Fuzzy Pucker Peach Sour in 16oz. cans this year as the first in a seasonal sour rotation. Next up, Bumpy Pucker. A kettle soured ale with fresh raspberries. It pours with a light pinkish hue, bursts with a raspberry aroma on the nose, firmly sour up front with a hint of raspberry in the finish.

With one sip of the Bumpy Pucker, you'll get bursts of fruity tones that will make you want to spend all day at the lake or picking your way through the bramble hunting for wild berries.

As the new sour hits the shelves in grocery and convenience stores, our Fuzzy Pucker cans will start disappearing. If you're a fuzzy fan, get 'em while you can!