For the Love of a Flagship beer….or not….

21 October 2021 Published in Haas Style Blog

I love a brewery's flagship beer(s).  What's not to love about a beer that the consumers said - “hey keep that one coming” - but more and more the consumer is saying, I’ll drink whatever, at least once.  And I'll admit - I am on the same train here, I’ll drink whatever, at least once.

So, what is happening here?  Are the days of the flagship beer gone?  Most would say yes, and others are still reaching for that 12-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (a great staple by the way).  

Here at RoHa we have been churning out beers for almost 5 years (whoa), and a good number of those have turned into what we could consider year-round flagship type beers.  I love our beer - obviously - and on a daily basis when I sit down at our bar to chat with the staff or patrons, I struggle to pick the beer off our own menu that I want to drink.  Crazy Right.

We rotate in a seasonal beer here and there, and have some variance in our draft options, but this is becoming a trend, and we like it.  You may or may not have noticed a good number of new beer releases coming through our newsletters, social feeds, and other reliable beer-formation sources.

It’s true, we love our flagships, but we want to introduce the world to all that we have to offer by regularly releasing new and different beers.  Some of these will be packaged, some of these will hit as draft only, some of these will be limited supply (like the recent release of our Bodhi Brett Wild Beer).

It seems to be a conundrum on just how to properly release these new beers.  If they are seasonal releases, and you have enjoyed them before, we don’t expect people to race out and get it before its gone.  But, there are going to be some coming up in our line-up that are in extremely limited supply - and we do expect you to get your ass out here and check them out.

As mentioned in this month's newsletter - we are pretty excited about this British Mild that will kick off our only-available-on-draft series.  This beer is cool because it is an esoteric style that not a lot of people are producing.  Frankly, I love this style, and it is a nice way to ease into winter.  Additionally, the way we made it is pretty cool, and is true to the history of this beer.  Waste nothing, especially when paying taxes, or when there are grain shortages.

So we make this Nights Out Belgian Style Stout  - and it is a huge dark, thick, high alcohol Stout.  But a lot of sugar is left over when we make this beer - it occurred to us one day, that maybe we could collect these “second-runnings” and make a different beer from it.  Well it happened, and this British Mild is the result.

But this is only the start.  We have a bunch of cool new beers we plan to throw at you.  You might be confused when you come in and don’t immediately see our flagships on draft - not to worry.  Those are always available in some other format.  We want you to experience new beer when you come to RoHa, it will be like you are visiting again for the first time.

Stay glued to your sources for new beers, and keep an eye out for a bunch of new stuff coming out of our draft lines.  The flagships will stick around, some new beer will take over, and in the end we will work hard to generate more suds, and more smiles!

Cheers,  Rob