What's new with RoHa?

08 February 2017 Published in The Latest
Team RoHa minus the Phillips' Team RoHa minus the Phillips'

We are so close to opening our doors, we can taste it. Well, almost. There are many, many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit perfectly before we can open. But we are making progress.

They say that patience is a virtue. Possible interpretation: The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person.
In that case, we must be virtuous by the bucketload. The amount of patience and hard work to get this place up and running would make a lay person cry. The brewhouse has been under constant construction since I don't even know when. Yet each day we move closer and closer to our end goal. Things are coming together. Just a few weeks ago, we put the chiller up on the roof, built glycol lines, and finalized recipes. Shipments of grain and hops are arriving by the day. The gang even got together (minus the Phillips') and got our SIPS & TIPS and EASY Certifications. We are crossing our t's and dotting our i's. Each moment, we get closer to being able to sit down with you to enjoy a pint or buying a bottle or can to go. All of our blood, sweat, and tears will be well worth the wait, we promise you! 

Note: patience (noun) = the ability to wait calmly; the capacity to accept delay without getting angry | virtue (noun) = a quality or trait that most people consider to be morally good or desirable in a person

Here's to staying calm and thirsty!

~RoHa Brewing Project - coming soon!