Owners of RoHa - Josh Stern

08 May 2017 Published in The Latest

I'd love to take a minute to profile one of our owners Josh Stern. Intense. Adventurous. Passionate. Driven. It may sound cliché, but spend five minutes with Josh Stern and it’s obvious all those descriptions are accurate. 

He sought adventure as a younger man — skiing, biking, and climbing while living in the shadow of Mount Rainer and later Bellingham, Washington, among other places. He convinced his pregnant wife to move to Alaska and live off the land, became a chef, then a personal chef. Always driven by passion, he intertwined creative outlets like food and music with more mainstream endeavors like real estate where, no surprise, he thrived.

"I'm a beer geek, a bit of a barley nerd if you will. And I have had a lot of good beer. I haven't had a lot of great beer. Every time I have enjoyed a Haas Craft Brew all I could think is 'once you've had a great, good just isn't good enough!' I was all in."

"I've been a beer nerd all of my adult life, I have the beer journals to prove it. I have met many friends over the years who share this passion. Meeting Rob 12 years ago we started a tradition of Thirsty Thursdays where we would share, rate and talk about new beer every week. Chris was the final piece to the brewery plan. He pretty much brews the greatest beer in the state. This trifecta couldn't be any better."

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