Beer & Food Pairing

09 May 2017 Published in Haas Style Blog

With the summer just around the corner and porch, patio, deck, and BBQ season in full swing, I thought I would talk about pairing beer with food. After all, given this beautiful weather, why wouldn’t you be having people over to your house at some point. Why not do a little beer and food pairing. With the multitude of beers style out there it can always be the perfect compliment to the food of choice.

When I think of pairing beer and food I see that there are three different ways to go at it, no matter what the food is. Here are a few things to remember:

· First the beer should be a compliment to the food. Meaning the flavors of the food enhance the beer and the flavors of the beer enhance the food. You are tasting a little of both. This can happen with lighter as well as more robust flavors.

· Second, the beer can be a cleanser in the tasting. The beer can wipe your palette clean in between bites to give a fresh canvas for the food. The beer just has to be a little less flavorful than the food at each turn.

· Thirdly the beer can cut through the richer flavors of the food. Piercing the bold flavors to give more room to taste the finer notes. Good example of this is a dry bitter but hoppy pilsner cutting through the rich flavors of a cream based dish such an alfredo.

Now these different ways of approaching the pairings don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Use one on the first course and a different on the second course. Really just have fun with the pairings. Hope this has been insightful. Now go out there and start on the menu and the guest list. I’ll be waiting for my invitation.

Cheers, Haas