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12 June 2017 Published in Haas Style Blog

There has been a lot of talk and discussion and rumbling and bitching about the new law put forth by our legislature. Oh, which one could I be referring to?  There are quite a few bad ones.

I am talking about changing the blood alcohol level for impaired to.05. I could go on all day about why this is a horrible idea, but it does bring up the question of responsibility for drinking. I do believe that at .06 or .07 , which is 1 to 1 1/2 beers depending on your size, you can drive without being too impaired. But after that doesn’t it get a little fuzzy? Pardon the pun. I mean if you drink five beers in three hours where does that put your blood alcohol level? Sure, there is a theoretical equation, but who takes the time to do the math.

The real point is if you are planning on drinking, you should always be prepared to think about alternate transportation. Cab, Lyft, train, or bike (that’s my personal favorite). Get your friends to ride with you, make it an event, part of the night out. Some of you may already do this. You may do it some of the time. We need to do it all the time. I see too many people saying ”I’m fine to drive." It may be true or it may be the booze talking. We as drinkers in this state need to be proactive and get ready for this crazy law to go into effect by making decisions that don’t put us in that situation. I know quite a few people that have had DUI’s that didn’t think they were impaired. They were barely at the limit, but that’ll get you a ride from the police. Think smarter, think forward, and think about your friends not getting into trouble.


Chris Haas