Saving the day, one beer at a time!

14 July 2017 Published in Haas Style Blog
Saving the day, one beer at a time! Talyn Sherer/SLUG Magazine

With everything that is going on politically and socially in this country right now, it is time for beer to save the day! Yeah, I said it -beer is the true and only unifier. Think about it: red, blue, black, white, brown, conservative, liberal-they all drink beer. Even here in this state (insert Mormon fishing joke here). Do yourself and our country a favor and share a beer across the aisle. Hell, share a beer on your side of the aisle. What is a better sign of love than beer?

Next time you borrow something from a friend or neighbor, bring it back with a beer. If you hear someone bashing on your favorite beer, hand them one and say “just try it.” When someone walks by your yard on a hot day, offer them a beer. If you go hiking, biking, or climbing with your friends, bring them all a beer. Whenever you find yourself at a bar, buy the person next to you a beer. Pay it forward. The next time someone flips you off on the road, offer them a beer. If you are at a concert or public event and the person next to you says something offensive or that you don't like, hand them a beer and tell them to bring it down a notch.

We need to try and do our part to bridge these gaps that the population has been building. The hippie in me wants to have everyone hug each other, but I think this is a lot easier. And more fun. You might even open someone's eyes about a subject. Or open their eyes about the kind of beer they drink. Let’s see the love out there within everyone and let the beer flow. Cheers!