Collab, word for the day

12 September 2017 Published in Haas Style Blog

Collab, the word for today.  Let’s talk about collabs or collaborations.

I for a long time was down on collaborations.  I just thought it was marketing or flashy show.  I have come to realize that collabs are a coming together of the minds on a real basis.  You are taking the ideas and platform of one brewer and combining, compromising, and complementing it with the ideas and platform of another brewer.

Despite what most people think, all brewers don't think alike, about beer or much else.  We all have our own “take” or preferences. So a collab is taking one brewer’s ideas on a beer and combining it with another brewer’s ideas on the same beer.  It can happen in many different ways.  It could be a combination beer, two different styles of beer combined.  It could also be one style of beer done differently.  Or it could be a known style done with a combination of flairs the brewers bring. It can be one brewer’s forte or new to both brewers.  The idea here is opening up to new ideas and procedures as well as opening up your brewery to others.  Learning something, teaching something, getting to see another angle, starting a relationship, that’s what the collab is all about.

There aren’t a lot of collabs out there, nor do I ever think there will be.  Are they all good?  Probably not, but give them a try.  I know I will. You’re drinking beer and ideas.  Open a beer and start a relationship.  Hope you get to try one soon.