Tis the Season

15 December 2017 Published in Haas Style Blog

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, drink more beer. Pretend I am singing.  WAIT, don’t.  The holidays are coming so let’s talk holiday beers.

There are a lot of holiday beers out there, and there are a few breweries that actually specialize in holiday beers. What is a holiday beer? Well it is whatever the brewery says a holiday beer is.  There are no specific style or guidelines, which doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimate.

Many of the holiday beers I see out there are spiced beers.  I am not that fond of most of the spiced beers, so they aren’t my thing.  But think about the smells and aroma that we have during the holidays and you will see the inspiration behind these spiced holiday beers. Think pine, clove, cinnamon.

I am a big fan of Christmas and so a big fan of beers that celebrate the season. I lean more towards the hoppier or malty big beers than the spice, but the celebration of the time is the point. I love trying each brewery's version or take on the holiday beer.  We haven’t etched our mark on the style yet, but we will some day.

There are a ton of holiday parties to go to every year. Bring a beer, a growler, or a big bottle to share with friends. That is what the holidays are all about isn’t it? Sharing with friends. Drink and share and bring something new to the people you love. Maybe start a new tradition.

Either way, beer is always a good choice to drink at the multitude of holiday parties we attend. Seems better than the wine and cocktails that are offered. You can spend more time talking and less time filling up your drink, plus those cocktails can pack quite a punch. Although these parties are a time to let loose, you don’t want to go too far and end up not remembering the amazing time you had. Bring something new to the parties and traditions of the holiday season and have a great time. Drink up. Cheers!