Happy 2018!

19 January 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well here we are in another new year.  Happy 2018.  Time to start a new.  Do you make a new year’s resolution?  Well you should.  I am not talking about going to the gym every day or giving more time to charity (one of those you should definitely do, the other not so much).  


I am talking about taking a good look at things and deciding what could be better.   This is definitely not a cry for anyone to start “no drink February” or whatever they call it. That is just totally absurd. Some people have a problem with drinking and in that case “yes” drink less or don’t drink.  I don’t think taking a month off does anything.  If you don’t have a problem you are just punishing and depriving yourself.  If you do have a problem then a month off isn’t long enough.  Take the year.   


I am talking about trying something new.  Maybe a new brewery, maybe a new style of beer, maybe try homebrewing, maybe just read a book about beer.  In my opinion New year’s resolutions should be about bettering your experience.  What are you lacking in the world of beer?  Change that.  Seek out new styles that you haven’t tried but that would excite you.  Look to find the perfect IPA or perfect session beer.  Just look.  Beer is so immense.  

There is so much to learn and taste and experience and enjoy.  It’s time to get a plan on how so are going to tackle it.  My personal plan is to organize my beer cellar better so that I drink more new beer and drink it before it’s too late.  I know a lot of people keep this beer cellar but don't rotate or date properly so they end up drinking beer that is past its prime.  I am pairing more with food as well.  This also forces me to drink more beer from my cellar.  

At least 1 night a week when I cook I find a beer to “pair “ with the meal I am preparing.  It is after all a change for the better.  It’s a small change but that is all it takes.  New Year’s resolutions are all about a clean slate , a chance to start a new so take the opportunity out of your busy life to better the experience.  I am headed off to cook steak frites with caesar salad and a Rodenbach grand cru.  Cheers!