13 February 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well here we go, this week was Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Panczki Day, whatever you call it. The time to celebrate the start of lent. Whether you are religious or not, lent could be a great time to start a trend.

Traditionally lent is a time where you give something up for 40 days as a sacrifice. Well why not do the same with beer.. You could give up mass produced beer. Just stop drinking all that low flavored crap. Make the commitment to drink no Macro brewed beer. Whether you are at home or at a bar or at the Jazz game. It might be hard or it might be easy for you. I think the harder it is the more it will open up new beer to you.
Maybe you never drink Macro beer, then maybe you want to give up non local beer. Anything from outside the state. Only drink local beer for 40 days. That just might get you to try some beers in state that you haven’t tried yet. Get you buying more local or going out to seek the local beer. This could include if you travel. Now you have to drink beers local to Mississippi or Florida or North Dakota. Now a lot of us try and drink a local beer when we are out of town, but all local?

At this point maybe you already drink only local. Well why not try and give up on a style of beer? Give up IPA’s. I know that sounds crazy right. But think about all the other styles that won’t be left out without you drinking IPA’s. Maybe, and I don’t want to go way over the line, but maybe you will find a new go to favorite beer style. I know that still sounds crazy.

Maybe you just try and drink only 1 style of beer for the 40 days. That way you really get into that style. You can find out exactly what you think makes that style shine.
People do all kinds of 30 day challenges. The reason is to shake it up or to discover or to have the will power. The big thing here is to have fun with it. This is just another way to have fun with beer. Don’t take life so seriously, have a beer, or wait not that one. Cheers