Pairing With the Oscars

19 March 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

Well the Oscars were last week so I thought I would talk about it. I love to go see the movies that come out. Nothing better than sitting in a theatre, watching good entertainment , munching on popcorn and sipping on a beer. I didn’t watch the Oscar’s show, although the movies themselves are cool the awards show is boring to me, except for the SAG awards, isn’t that the one where the actors drink too much and get a little sideways. I did however look at the winners in the big categories. As I did I thought to myself, what beer would I want to be drinking while watching this movie and so this month’s blog came to be....

Don’t worry I wont be doing much of a spoiler here. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I won't give anything away, so you can still buy that beer and sit down for a fun evening. So without further ado here we go;

Best Picture: Shape Of Water. For those of you that haven’t seen it, it’s a drama/scifi fantasy pic. I really liked it. I was hoping to be drink a big beer for this. And by that I mean a large volume beer as well as a big alcohol beer. Something that I can sip on and still keep glued to the story. I thought the story had some interesting turns that I didn’t want to miss. I am thinking about a Barley wine. Nice big kick but a sipper.

Next up Best Actor in a lead; Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour. This movie was a bit slow and dark but so worth it. Such a solid performance. And for that you have to pull out a solid pale ale, the old reliable. Such a great time watching this movie but again with it’s slow speed I wanted to pay attention. You know the ending if you know history so it wasn’t the plot turns. A pale would been a solid choice for this movie. Familiar enough to not have to think about when the good parts come on and drinkable enough to slam when the plot slows.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri- Best actress in a lead and best supporting actor. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell won respectively. For this film I would pick an old world sour. By old world I don’t just mean European. I mean the style that mixes old wood aged and fresh sour. Mellow and refined. This is for a few reasons. One of which is these are to classic, solid actors. As well as these beers are not all they seem, and often pack a surprise in the flavor profile. Man what I would give to see this movie for the first time with a Rodenbach Grand Cru in my hand. Both the movie and the characters had some surprising and delicate nuances to them.
Animated Film; Coco. For this I would have to go with a fruity pale ale or maybe a fruity IPA. Something whimsical. Great to throw back without a lot of thought and enjoy the animation. There still enough there to change a little as the story changes and advances.

Cinematography; Blade Runner. Well if we have to only pick beer then I will have to go with a siason on this. A bigger, bold, spicey saison. Something that is as catchy to the taste buds as Blade Runner is to the eye. I don’t think this is the movie that the first Blade Runner was but it is an amazing sight.

Best supporting actress; Allison Janney in I, Tonya. Well I think the obvious choice is a hard hitting IPA. I really don’t think I need to explain this nor could it big argued.
Well that is about the end, not the end of the winners but the end of the ones that I am going to talk about. Mainly because I can’t drink and type at the same time. I hope this inspires you to get out there and see more movies and drink more beer. Don’t forget the popcorn. Cheers