My First Beer

18 April 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

I get asked this question a lot, "what was your first beer ever". I have a horrible memory, but for some reason i have a great memory of my first beer. I guess there is your first beer, then your first good beer and then your first craft beer. I remember the day well when beer first touched my lips. I was young, real young.

I was at a neighborhood bbq. I had fallen down and came crying to my dad with a skinned knee. He told me to suck it up and have me a drink of beer. Not sure whether it was the pain or what but that beer tasted great to me. Genesee cream ale. That was my dad's beer. So an hour later I came back sniveling about a skinned elbow. Same story,suck it up, drink of beer. An hour later, that's right, back again with a stubbed toe. Same thing, suck it up, drink a beer. On the fourth time,who knows the fake injury I was peddling, my pops caught on to my little game. I got one more sip of beer and I was done. But I still taste that cream ale. And my beer drinking had begun.

My first good or different beer, well that was a Guinness. Until that day i had only had yellow beer. That first Guinness was so different then anything i had had . It was dark and mysterious,and creamy and that nitro. I drank a lot of it for a while.

My first craft beer, well that was I collage and it was a Bell's Amber. I grew up not far from Kalamazoo, MI. Bell's was still pretty new back then. They were running a special at my local bar. It seemed cheap to me so i gave it a try. wow. At that point it seemed like such a crazy beer. Red,hazy, hoppy. I didn't even know what hoppy was at that point. It did smell familiar to me however. I drank so many that night, and every Thursday after that, I must have been keeping them in business. That started a long run of drinking craft beer.

Well those are my “first” beers. I am wondering what your first beer was. I am also wonder who is going to have a RoHa as their first beer. Cheers