Deserted Island Beers

17 July 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

Alright this months blog will be short and sweet. Well at least short. It’s too hot to write much more.

Plus I need to get out and enjoy the summer, maybe on a river. I say deserted island list of 5. That’s the 5 beers I would take to a deserted island with me, if supply and refrigeration were not a problem. Here on my deserted desert island with a walkin cooler that gets resupplied. Wait I want that. Okay enough tangent, on to the beers.

If you know me you will know that although I don’t drink a ton of it, Alt is my favorite style of beer. I don’t drink a lot of it because not that many people brew it. Not sure why. I only know of 1 brewery in town that has it in production and a few pubs that offer it on special. Bohemian has a nice alt in cans. I also did a beautiful ice Alt one time if I do say so myself. I think Alts are the perfectly rounded, balanced beers.

I would also bring along a nice pale ale. I want something dry without too much bitterness and a nice hop nose and flavor. I can’t be sitting out in sun drinking an extremely bitter beer. That would dehydrate me. I’d take the ole reliable Sierra Nevada or Back Porch.

From there I would go with a solid flavorful lager. Helles export. Man there are so many of these coming out of German and quite a few from here in the US. That beer can quench a thirst but also pack a flavor.

Next on the list is very specific, Rodenbach Grand Cru. Wow just had to throw in a wood aged sour ale. Such a damn fine beer.

1 left and for the final I would have to go with a big drinkable but potent stout, Nights Out. Maybe. Solid beer with the backing to put me out of my misery of being on a deserted island with only myself and and restocked walkin cooler. Okay this might be an exercise in fantasy but who cares. My 5 might even change, who knows. It is a lot of fun putting the list together. So, what’s your 5? Go home tonight crack a few beers and come up with a list. It’s summer what else do you have to do. Have fun Cheers