Pumpkin Beers

20 September 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

It's that time of year again. That's right PSL. If you don't know what that is let me fill you in, pumpkin spice latte.

You just can't get away from it. It's on the local news and people are talking about it at work, it's back. For the breweries it's all about the pumpkin beers. There are quite a few pumpkin beers out there. Have you tried any of them? I've tried a few. Some I've liked, some not so much. Don't get me wrong I love pumpkin. Pumpkin pie is my favorite. The ones I really like have a strong pumpkin flavor paired well with the beer but not a lot of spice. Either way you go if it's a lot of spice or true pumpkin flavor I want something that is compatible with the rest of the beer flavor. I don't want to taste all pumpkin spice, I want to have that backbone of that beer really come through. It doesn't make a difference what the base beer is pale ale, American Ale, Porter, Blackbeard, Stout, IPA, if it pairs well with the pumpkin it's just what I want. So when the honor of PSL season get out there and get yourself some pumpkin beers. BTW ours will be coming out in 2 weeks