Pints for Purpose

13 November 2018 Published in Haas Style Blog

Pints for Purpose at RoHa:

So, maybe some of you have attended one of our Pints for Purpose evenings in the past - or you have shown up on a random night only to find a group of people there taking your seat at the bar, and sharing information with you.

Either way, I thought this month I would talk a little more about why we have these events, and what it means to be a part of this community.

You may have noticed that we are a "Brewing Project" and we are often asked, "why a project?" The answer is not simple, nor is it straight forward. When we were brainstorming brewery names, the idea of developing our brewery as a project seemed to stick with the feel of what we wanted. We wanted to be embedded in the community, a part of this craft beer movement, a player in the structuring and growth of our community. We felt that through this Project, we would be able to help build and support the community around us, and in turn, they would support our growth.

So, Pints for Purpose, this is an opportunity for a local non-profit to come and use our space, invite their circle of supporters, and have a pint together. In turn, we give 10% of the evenings sales back to their non-profit.

We typically host these on Monday's or Tuesday nights, and they usually last from about 5 - 8 or 9 pm. Each group is a little different. Some have a specific purpose for the event, maybe they are trying to get signatures on a petition, or are celebrating a recent successful launch. It does not really matter the reason - the chance to get your group of supporters together, and have a beer is reason enough.

In the next month we are hosting a few of these events. We just had Elevated Mountain Guides in this week, for their second Pints for Purpose. We are hosting Salt Lake Animal Services on Tuesday November 27th for Giving Tuesday. They always draw a crowd, and we always have a great time talking about cats and dogs! On December 6th we are hosting an event with Girls on the Run. We are excited to have them in for the first time, and learn about what they do to support our community. 

These events have taught us a lot - taught us a lot about the good that people are doing all around our community. As a brewery - we cannot save all the land in the canyons, save all the pets who need medical attention, support all the kids who are making short films, Engineer water systems for third world countries, encourage girls and running, support outdoor training efforts for undeserved community members, but, we can support these fine groups by hosting them in our taproom for a Pints for Purpose.

If this is something that interests you, or may interest someone you know - have them drop us a line at