What the Shutdown means for Craft Beer

16 January 2019 Published in Haas Style Blog

Government shutdown, seems to be the word of the day, the topic of the month. I saw on the news this morning that “Americans are starting to feel the effects!”

What?!?! We are nearly a month in to the government shutting down and we Americans are “Starting to feel the effects” that is amazing, that after a month, we are now just starting to feel the effects.

So what do we care - some National Park’s have limited access, some National Weather Service employees are working for free, a few heads of lettuce are not being inspected by the FDA...But was your life affected yet - I mean really?!?!

Well, I know you're reading this because you drink beer - so let’s get down to some important stuff, like beer, new beer, and new beer label approvals. One entity that is shut down right now is the label approval entity (COLA) for the TTB.

What does this mean for you, the beer drinking connoisseur? Well it means that we cannot get our labels approved for our new beers. We have been working for a few month’s on a handful of seasonal beer releases, that we really want to release. Without the stamp of approval from the TTB, we cannot legally release thee beers to you.

So now we have beer labels and beer recipes ready to go, but we are unable to make them and release them. This is a huge bummer for us, and probably for you too.

I also have to think that there are 7,000 some breweries in the US, all working on seasonal releases, and all submitting labels into the TTB black hole. Will there be a shortage of new beer in the coming months or year - because of this shut down?

Who knows?

Hopefully our government officials can work it out - we can get the TTB back to doing what they do best, checking for micro-legalities on our labels (like the use of “Powder Flu”), and approving our new beer labels.

In the meantime, all this new beer talk has made me thirsty and probably made you a bit parched as well. So pop down to our taproom and try out our latest new beer release on draft, Shut Down Pale Ale. A bright citrussy Pale Ale that is sure to Shut Down your palette.

Cheers, Ro