Traveling With Beer

17 April 2019 Published in Haas Style Blog

I have been traveling a bit lately and as I always do, I travel with beer. Both ways. I bring beer to people I meet and I bring back their local beer to enjoy at home.

Beer is very easy to travel with if you are flying, however, there are a few considerations. You do have to check your luggage, no 12oz fl containers in carry-on. There is no way that will make it through security. You can easily pack it in your checked luggage though. I have a bubble wrap travel container designed to hold cans or bottles that I travel with. You could also just pack it in a sock or wrap it in some clothes. The luggage itself will give the protection you need, the clothes or bubble wrap are more to stop any smashing within your luggage. I find myself buying beer all the time when I am flying out of town. Why not bring some great beer back to share or try something new when you get home? It just takes a little forethought. Weight is also a concern for some people while traveling. You just have to make sure that you end up under the 50# mark. Otherwise you will have to unpack the beer in the airport. That is never a pleasant experience. The other way to do it is to get a shipping box for beer and use that as your checked luggage. I have done this as well. Just fasten a handle of duct tape to the outside and you have yourself some cardboard luggage. Very light on the way out and filled with great beer on the way back. This way of transporting beer is very secure. You will, however, have to carry-on your clothes in another luggage. No matter which way you go, do yourself a favor and bring that love of beer with you when you travel. And bring some back for your friends. I hope to be trying some well traveled beer soon. Cheers.