Dog Beer, or Beer Dog

18 September 2019 Published in Haas Style Blog

I love my dog, and I love beer. I have always had a dog or two at my side, and as appropriate, I always keep a cold beer in my hand. The two go well together, dogs and beer, beer and dogs.

I had some time this month to reflect on what a dog means to me, and to my family. We had to put one of our dogs down this month, he was 14 years old, had a tumor growing in his nose, and his back legs were failing him, yet, when we walk in that door, he is up off the floor, wagging his tail - not showing one ounce of the pain he must have been in.

In the 14 years that we had Tanner, he sat by my side while I sipped many, many beers. In fact, I would say that Tanner was a part of my life when I really fell in love with craft beer, brewing beer, and the culture of Utah Craft Beer. He (and our other dog who crossed the bridge back in December) were loyal companions for a huge chunk of my adult life.

So, where does a dog find this loyalty? Why does a dog show unwavering love and respect without ever holding a grudge? Maybe they are stuck in the house all day while you go to work, but when that door pops open - nothing but happiness and love. To me, it's what a nice hand crafted beer gives you when you pop it open, nothing but love.

Maybe that is a tough link to make; a dog is like beer. But, I think the culture and community around both are similar. Dog people love dogs, and gather around to love other dogs, and beer people do the same thing, both have a strong sense of community, and I am happy to belong.

So pet your dog, sip a beer, and take a minute to reflect on both. Take a look at where you fit in to these communities. How do you support the dog culture in Utah? And the beer culture? Are you a contributor?

Consider this when you snap that leash on your dog's collar, grab a cold one and head out for a walk around the block. Cheers!

By: Rob Phillips

September, 2019