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Thursday, 30 April 2020 07:00

High on the Hop Lazy IPA set to release May 2

RoHa Brewing Project is excited for their newest hop bomb, High on the Hop Lazy IPA. This 5% ABV brew keeps you coming back for another with a bold, tropical nose without a trace of bitterness in the finish, thanks to a generous serving of Wai-iti hops. Find it at our taproom or anywhere beer is sold!

We plan to launch this beer on Saturday May 2 at Noon.  While we do not expect a line - if one does form grab a complimentary tennis ball for your mutt, and take them for a quick walk around the block.  We will not run out of beer, so avoid a line, and stay safe!

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Thursday, 20 June 2019 07:35

Beerfests, from the other side of the table

 Sun is shining, you have a tiny cup in your hand and a pocket full of wooden chips - you are ready for a day of beer drinking.  

 Who doesn’t love a beer festival.  The sampling of new beers, the friends, the pretzel necklaces - what a great time!  

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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 10:51

Road Trips, Beer, and Hayduke Lives

With Summer rounding Spring’s corner, the season of the road trip is upon us. Nothing pairs with road trips quite like the fermented barley beverage we affectionately call  “beer”. Now, let’s not get all George “Hayduke” Washington with this. If you’re a fan of Edward Abbey, you know that Hayduke is America’s rogue defender of the Red Rock country who measures driving distances in 6-packs consumed.

Road trips are an excellent opportunity to visit breweries and meet like minded folks in other areas of the country.  According to CraftBeer.com now is the best time to be a craft beer fan with over 7,000 of these establishments in the US alone.  Surely there’s one close by your next route from Salt Lake City.

When my wife and I hit the road we actively look for three ways to connect with the local craft beer folk and Industry.

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