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Yesterday (Wednesday) started out like any other day in the brewery. Waiting on a delivery. This time it was a large can order. To backtrack, these cans were supposed to be delivered on Friday, and when I called at 3pm, after finishing up a nice shorter day to start the weekend, I was pleasantly informed they would be delivered “soon.” 

As a generally positive thinker I figured the worst that would happen is I had time for a cold beer in the tasting room and would see them pull up. As 5pm rolled around I decided to call again and this time was informed “oh now that it’s after 5 they won't be getting there today.” Great! Luckily we don't need them until Wednesday and Thursday so a delivery Monday shouldn't be an issue.

Now back to Wednesday…Still no cans and the only word from the shipper is they think they lost one of the 4 pallets. Game time decision and a little math means we can package some but not all of what's in the tank, half as much as the distributor asked for but enough to satisfy for this week. Leaving the problem of not being able to can Thursday but life will go on one way or another. The canning line gets running and the brew house gets fired up a little later than usual due to these circumstances but we are moving. 

About 2 hours later we have a stuck mash on the brewhouse, meaning water is no longer running through the mash bed making it impossible to transfer the liquid that will soon turn into beer to the kettle, and the canning line finishes up exactly as many cans as possible to be able to keep the beer in the brite tank. 

It's about 11am, so we decide to wait 30 minutes before cleaning the canning line to put it away just in the off chance the cans actually show up. Still sitting with the stuck mash and the slow trickle of the runoff. Doing everything in our power to fix the issue on the brew deck the faint beep of a truck reversing can be heard. 

Finally our luck is looking up and the cans have arrived only to be met with the driver informing us the guys loading it got distracted and rammed a different pallet into the side of some of the cans. When it rains it pours and they happen to be the cans needed for today. Full smash into the side and a broken pallet give us our next dose of anxiety. 

About 20 photos to prove it was not our fault but the cans are off the truck in one-ish piece, not counting the aluminum rolling around the back of the delivery truck. The canning line is going to get started up again. Still a stuck mash but we are getting closer after two slightly successful attempts to get some flow. 

Cans cans cans and we package enough to satisfy the order and have some for us to serve/sell at the brewery. The brewhouse is still moving at a snail's pace but you can’t rush Greatness. 

As the rest of the brewery winds down and gets cleaned up the brewhouse is about ready to boil, on a normal brew day this portion only should be about 3 hours from the start, we are looking at closer to 6. Luckily the heavy metal playing on the speaker was enough to keep me sane as I finished out the brew and started to clean up. Last few things on the list, check the carb on the beer to be packaged tomorrow, easy, it's over carbed. And I found a new leak. It's time for a beer…Goodnight

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