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It’s weird, and I know I am not alone in this activity.  When spring hits, and its warming up outside, suddenly all I want to do is sit on a patio, soak up vitamin D, and drink pint after pint of fresh cold beer. 

Who is with me?!?!

We see it every year - and we literally feel the shift in the market.  Suddenly our draft beer slows down, and cans pick up.  Sure ski resorts are running lifts in May, and some people are skiing still - and drinking draft beer, but more and more beer is being pulled off the shelf for some patio drinking!

There is almost no better feeling than a cool breeze as that sun sets and you are sitting around with friends having a beer.  I have been to a lot of great patios in my time, and Salt Lake has a bunch of great patios to enjoy.

I don’t think any brewery in town has overlooked the need for this outdoor drinking space.  It is amazing how important this space becomes for a portion of the year.  At RoHa our patio was forms out of the pandemic, and its getting a refresh right now.  

We put in a new ADA ramp which you read about last month, and we had a nice new steel rail installed.  In the coming weeks some shade sails will go up to keep you out of the heat, and better lighting for evening sips.  

One of the reasons we called our new beer Fancy Fence Session IPA is because we literally planned this fence around drinking beer.  We measured the base of a beer glass, and ensured that the rail was the right width to support it.  Know how much people will want to lean, and imbibe, we built it sturdy out of steel and sunk it into some concrete.  

Watch for a few new improvements in the coming months as well, we are looking at a friendlier patio surface, some artwork on the walls, and a handful of other improvements over the summer.  

So, keep it up folks, you are making the right moves, you know when to move your beer drinking from inside to out - go check out some patios, enjoy some beers, and keep summer rolling well into fall!

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