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Seasons Change - and So Do Our Beer Habits

Seasons Change - and So Do Our Beer Habits

It got cold this week, I drank a porter.  It also got warm, I drank some Helles.  Does this make sense - NO.  But it seems to be the habit of every beer drinking individual that we interact with.  

A little chill in the air and suddenly we need to throw on a flannel, grow a beard, and drink dark beer.  Hunt down every porter, stout, cherny, or dunkel that market has to offer.  I will admit, there are people out there that proudly proclaim in the summer heat, “I only drink dark bees, where is your porter”, well Ma’am, a majority of people only will consider a darker beer in the darker months of the year - odd habit I agree, but it seems to fit the mold.

I don’t know if I am ready to change seasons.  The leaves started popping this last week or two- and my oh my is UT showing off.  They are great this year - and we have some lingering warm weather to ensure that we get out and enjoy the changing of the leaves.

But am I ready for that first dusting of snow?  Am I ready to hang up the bike for the season and wax my skis?  Not so sure about that.  Biking is prime right now, no better way to get up into the cottonwoods to see some leaves changing.  A quick zip up to Park City to go take a look at some leaves and ride some smooth trails - seems perfect.

I don’t think I am dreading winter, but really dreading that crummy season between biking and skiing, you know, when its too wet and cold and dark to bike, but the snow hasn’t started kicking?  That's the season I dread.

OK, back to beer.  For me, I can still get after a light beer all season - and I am not scared to sip a porter on a warm evening in July - assuming you can find one.  But a majority of you beer drinkers are just now looking for a darker offering.  A rich roasty beer to put a little hair on your chest and warm you up from the inside.  I love that feeling, when you get a nice chocolate sweetness out of a beer, followed by a light alcohol burn to warm up the soul.  

We just started kicking around ideas for our next small batch beer - sure the hoppy beers are enjoyable, and always win praise from our regulars, but we started kicking around ideas for a winter warmer.  Something outside the norm, a beer where we want to cup the glass in both hands, close our eyes, and take a sip.  I think you will like what we have planned.

Well, I wish the world of confused beer drinkers the best of luck, those who will drink an IPA in the parking lot after biking, then start a fire in the pit and drink a Stout all night long.  You weirdos. 

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