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Snowy in the Ballpark....

Well, its mid-December, and the snow valve is open!  While I love the snow, and snow sports, and winter, and everything about the season, as I get older, I have discovered something else.

First, I am amazed by the amount of snow we have received right here in the heart of Salt Lake City - the Ballpark Community.  We are used to seeing snow in the mountains, watching the canyons back up with riders who are disparate for the white stuff.  But this much snow in the Ballpark seems unprecedented, right?

I think most Salt Lakers know that as you move East, through Liberty Wells neighborhood, on up to the Ave’s, and so on - you can expect some snow, sticking to the roads and sidewalks.  But I think most city dwellers, don’t own a snow shovel?

THe amount of snow removal that we have had to do this winter already - just makes me thirsty, and well, a bit sore.  That's what I mean, as I get older - pushing that shovel around doesn’t seem to get any easier.  Nope, it gets harder.  I get a bit anal retentive about moving snow too - I like the snow gone like its July.  I like walkways clear, and I never like to move a lot of snow - so that means I am working often on snow removal.

Not always the best plan, but it prevents all that heavy lifting.  Snowblowers are nice, and we have one here at the brewery for really deep days.  Usually I find that the snow is so wet, and the ground was warm when the snow fell that the snowblower turns into a mess of clumped up slurpee ice.

I do love to see people shuffle in here after a day on the mountain, and breathe that sigh of relief as that first sip of beer hits their lips.  The stoke about the mountains and the snow is a real thing.  I get the bug too - I want to ditch out every day when its snowy and make some turns, feel that freedom of floating down the slopes with friends.  Do I do that - not often, but it makes it that much sweeter.  

So bring me your stories - tell me about the best ride of the day, and make me wish I were there.  I’ll see you at the taproom.  Cheers!

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