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Well, here I am sitting around in my shorts and a tee shirt sipping a False Prophet Hazy IPA fresh off the canning line, thinking what a lovely spring it is shaping up to be.  Wait, WTF, its not spring…..its February. 

Sure, this sunny weather gives me a bit of spring fever, and I am ready for a nice sunburn and a refreshing swim in the lake, but I am not sure my ski season is over, is yours?  Hell, it hasn't snowed anything substantial here for 30 or 40 days (wait did it almost snow today?!?!).  Usually, this time of year we are writing about the best beer to follow a powder day, or best ski lift beer, or beer for cold weather - well not this year, this is 2022, the year of no winter.

I am sure we will get a few more storms through here, I am sure we will get some epic pow days before the summer really hits, but let’s just pretend that it really is spring, and I will tell you what is on my mind.

It seems my beer palette is looking for something refreshing, with that zip in every sip, right now.  So, of course I try to appease my palette by drinking these cool new hoppy beers that are out.  Fruited Sours are hitting the spot, light IPAs are hitting the spot, and anything that makes you say “aaaaah” after that first refreshing sip.

I did get out for some “spring” skiing this weekend, and I took my new friend the False Prophet, in a 16 oz can with me.  I am not usually a fan of a beer that big for a lift ride, I don’t need to drink up an injury, just get a little chair-buzz going.  But, low and behold I was able to put one down on the lift - and my my - was that next run a fun one.  

So let’s talk about spring, what are we looking forward to.  Well, it seems that we are done canceling events, done avoiding crowds, and while that may not be the best choice for our physical health, it may prove to be a good choice for our mental well being.  The invitation for spring and summer events are rolling in.  Beer fest after beer fest are in the planning stages - so you have a lot to look forward to.  

Several local beer festivals will happen this summer, and I would encourage everyone to approach them carefully, and put yourself in the best position to stay healthy afterwards.  Vaccinate before you intoxicate - that's my motto for these summer events.

I don’t really know what will happen with winter - I intend to get a bunch more days in - we will take them however they are delivered to us.  Sunny spring skiing, or cold spring pow days - whatever.  A day on the slopes (with a beer) is better than a day in the office (with a beer).  

So make the most of it, start your spring plans, figure out that week-long camping trip with the kids, and then get a few more vertical feet before the snow is gone for the season. Whatever you do, explore the beers available for winter - or whatever we are calling this - and get out there.  Cheers.

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