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Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and happiness.  It's a time when people get together, eat too much, drink a little, and kick off the winter season right.  I love this time of year.  A transitional period, where the warm sunny days turn to shorter more pure winter evenings.  Biking season concludes, and you start to get stoked for ski/board season.

It is a bit odd that we put so much emphasis on these holidays though - I mean, we could get together at any time of the year and eat and drink too much with friends?  Why do we need short cold snappy November nights to make us do these activities?

There certainly is a marketing side to all of these fall events - these holidays have got to be huge cash generators for the big companies.  For our little beer company, we try to stay pretty stable, keep the fresh beer flowing, and keep our friends smiling through the darker season.  

I’ll admit, I did dust off my skis, get out the waxing iron, and prep things for winter as soon as the first dusting of snow hit the ground.  Seemed silly at the time, but I guess the snow kept coming and resorts are opening early - so maybe I’m not such a fool.  I’m ready now, or at least I think I am.

So, you might have read our newsletter to see that we just put out a couple new beers.  This is pretty fun for us.  We get to flex some brewing muscles, get out of the routine of making packaged beer for distribution, and then imbibe with our friends at the bar and see what people think.

This Bramble Brown Ale, is a really fun way to celebrate the season.  The sweet and tart raspberry flavors take over in your mouth and meld perfectly with the roasted malts of this deep brown ale.  What a great combo - someone should make a chocolate candy like this ;)

Our Everything Nice, Holiday Spice, will bring back memories from your childhood (good ones I hope).  That smell of holiday cheer being spread.  This has a robust base to it, as all the flavors come together to make the perfect holiday bevvy.

Last but not least is that daytime crusher.  Why now, seems like a beer built for summer boating season.  Nah, we know people are getting out in the mountains, and want that cold refreshing beer when they get to the peak.  Toss one in your pocket for that longer than average lift ride, or crack one open to help survive some holiday shopping.  This beer will be around for a while, so plan to keep your Crisper Drawer well stocked.

Sorry, I digress.  It's about the people, and the gatherings, and the smiles, and the memories.  As we get into the thick of the holidays, remember those things.  It's not about what you got someone, it's about the time you spend with them.  Thank people for their friendships.  Merry Holidays.

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