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Remind Me, what was COVID again?

Remind Me, what was COVID again?

Sun is shining, the beer is flowing, live music is piped through the speakers, and you couldn’t be in a happier place.  But how did you get here, I mean, we are living through a pandemic right now, but there seems to be little concern.  

I remember back two years almost to the day, when the notifications went out, the sirens sounded loudly, and business as usual was ended.  We were required to close our taproom space, we diligently scrubbed the place with bleach and wore masks to keep each other safe.  

In the following weeks we emerged in rubber gloves and masks to supply “beer to go” only.  No growlers, no pints, just packaged beer delivered from our fridge to your trunk.  The local support was overwhelming.

Now 2-years later, we have a different view of the world.  We are all vaccinated, our kids are getting vaccinated, and are back to school.  The world understands the current dangers, and necessary safety precautions related to COVID-19 to stay safe.  

Here we are rolling into spring and summer during this pandemic.  All reports showing that coronavirus number are down, and declining still.  Did this vaccine work, sure it did, as did the diligent mask wearing while in busy spaces, airports, and so on.

What is the outlook now, are we through the tail end of this thing - or is there still a fight to fight?  It's really hard to tell. In my circle of friends, everyone seems to understand what the concerns are, we avoid each other if there has been an exposure, or a sniffle or fever in our households.  We have all taken a million of those home tests, and are open with each other if we need to stay clear of each other.  

At the brewery we are seeing faces that we have not seen in a long time, we are (safely) hosting events, local musicians are pouring out their souls in our taproom, comedians are bringing the laughs, and we have added a few events for summer.  

We are going to rotate in some fun Friday events including a Beer and Food pairing, we are calling The Tasting Series, we have our friends at The Paint Mixer coming in to teach us that we are all artists, and Social Axe Throwing is going to bring their mobile lane down to let us hone our throwing skills.  Check out our calendar of eventsfor all things happening at RoHa.

We have also been invited to 7 or 8 beer festivals this spring/summer - and anticipate attending several of them.  We will get to see your faces out and about at these festivals, and clink a glass once again!

So, I don’t know what your comfort level is right now, but there sure seems to be a wave of optimism out there.  Maybe people are just lacking the social interactions that they need, maybe the community is rounding the corner and creating safe enough environments for people to get together, or maybe we are successfully putting this pandemic behind us.  Whatever it is, I’d suggest you look for some places that fee comfortable to you, and get back to it.  We hope to see you soon!  


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